Hunter In The Dark- Activity # 2

So far my book isn’t the best book I’ve read before:(. Any ways,  some parts of the book are kind of interesting. It is basically about a boy named Mike who has cancer. He eventually gets rid of it but then is cancer gets worse.

The round or flat( characters) are mainly Mike (main character), Doug ( his best friend that pops up once and a while) and his mom and dad.The author introduced Doug with the hunting trip, the author also introduced his mom and dad when he was thinking back and was in the hospital with his parents. I guess the most touching part of my book would be when he thought he got rid of his cancer but then it came back. It makes me think of what my life would be like with cancer. I think the author put Mike having cancer in this book was for teenagers who read this book to think about what would life be like with cancer. I think that Mikes cancer will get really bad and he will die:(. 


Be kind to one another!



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