Challenge 9- Wreck It Ralph Review

Wreck Ralph is a great movie. This movie is about Ralph who is the bad guy in his arcade game and he wants to be a good guy. Unfortunately that is not possible. So he tries to prove he can be a good guy by getting a metal. In one arcade game he looses this metal because a little girl named Vennellope steels it. Vennellope  is one of the main characters and Ralph has to help her win the race or else if her arcade game get’s destroyed she will go down with it because she is a twitch.

In this fun learning movie you learn that friendship is the most important thing in this world. I would rate this movie 10 out 10 because it is a great movie and I saw it in 3D. I would say kids 7 and older should watch this movie because younger kids wouldn’t get it.


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