Amanda Todd-Challenge 6

Hey!! I wanted to to talk to you guys about bullying.  There’s a 15 year old girl who was bullied from grade 7 all the way to grade 11 and she committed suicide because she was being bullied.  Here’s her story…

She was on the internet one day and she started talking to a guy.  They were talking for a long time and then one day he asked if she would flash him in a photo.  She wasn’t thinking and she flashed him.  Another guy found the pic on facebook and he kept bugging her. Eventually all her friends found out and she lost all her respect and she moved.  The guy followed her on facebook and said he knew her family names and all her friends names. She once again lost all her respect.  This happened once more at her other new school. One day she was walking home and she saw him walking with a bunch of girls and she tried to protect him but she heard one girl say ” just punch her already” so she got thrown to the ground and she got punched and beat up.  When her dad found her beat up in the ditch he took her home. When she got home she drank a bottle of bleach. Luckily her parents found her and they took her to the hospital.  The doctor flushed her.  A few days later she was on facebook and she saw a bunch of people saying that she should have died.  So she started cutting. Eventually she committed suicide because she had enough.  If you want to see her story go to you tube and search up Amanda Todd.

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