Challenge 7- The Sciences

For challenge 7 I decided to do endangered species. There are alot of animals that are endangered. Here’s a list:

-African Penguin

-African True Toad

-Biak Tiger

-Big White Fish

-California Red Tree Mouse

-Cape Shark


And that’s just a couple of them. If you find any more than what I have than let me know in a comment!:)

Thanks a heep!!:)






Amanda Todd-Challenge 6

Hey!! I wanted to to talk to you guys about bullying.  There’s a 15 year old girl who was bullied from grade 7 all the way to grade 11 and she committed suicide because she was being bullied.  Here’s her story…

She was on the internet one day and she started talking to a guy.  They were talking for a long time and then one day he asked if she would flash him in a photo.  She wasn’t thinking and she flashed him.  Another guy found the pic on facebook and he kept bugging her. Eventually all her friends found out and she lost all her respect and she moved.  The guy followed her on facebook and said he knew her family names and all her friends names. She once again lost all her respect.  This happened once more at her other new school. One day she was walking home and she saw him walking with a bunch of girls and she tried to protect him but she heard one girl say ” just punch her already” so she got thrown to the ground and she got punched and beat up.  When her dad found her beat up in the ditch he took her home. When she got home she drank a bottle of bleach. Luckily her parents found her and they took her to the hospital.  The doctor flushed her.  A few days later she was on facebook and she saw a bunch of people saying that she should have died.  So she started cutting. Eventually she committed suicide because she had enough.  If you want to see her story go to you tube and search up Amanda Todd.


Pakistan teen gets shot

The Associated Press
Published Monday, Oct. 15, 2012 6:21AM EDT
Last Updated Monday, Oct. 15, 2012 9:11AM EDT

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Pakistan airlifted a wounded teenage activist shot by the Taliban to the United Kingdom on Monday for more specialized medical care and to protect her from follow-up attacks threatened by the militants.

The attack on 14-year-old Malala Yousufzai as she was returning home from school in Pakistan’s northwest a week ago has horrified people across the country and abroad. It has also sparked hope the government would respond by intensifying its fight against the Taliban and their allies.

Malala was targeted by the Taliban for promoting girls’ education and criticizing the militant group’s behaviour when they took over the scenic Swat Valley where she lived. Two of her classmates were also wounded in the attack and are receiving treatment in Pakistan.

The Taliban have threatened to target Malala again until she is killed because she promotes “Western thinking.”

Malala was flown out of Pakistan on Monday morning in a specially equipped air ambulance provided by the United Arab Emirates, said the Pakistani military, which has been treating the young girl at one of its hospitals.

Video footage handed out by the military showed Malala being wheeled out of the hospital on a stretcher, covered in a white sheet and surrounded by uniformed army officers. She was placed in the back of an ambulance and driven to the airport, where she was put on a plane.

A panel of doctors recommended that Malala be shifted to a centre in the United Kingdom that has the ability to provide “integrated” care to children who have sustained severe injuries, said a military statement.

“It was agreed by the panel of Pakistani doctors and international experts that Malala will require prolonged care to fully recover from the physical and psychological effects of trauma that she has received,” the military said.

The plane stopped for several hours in the Emirati capital of Abu Dhabi on the way to the United Kingdom, said the Pakistani Ambassador to the UAE Jamil Ahmed Khan. The ambassador visited Malala during the stop and said she appeared to be in stable condition. Her parents were not on the plane with her, he said.

Malala will be treated at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham in central England, a centre which has specialized in the treatment of troops wounded in Afghanistan, said British Prime Minister David Cameron’s office.

“The UK stands shoulder to shoulder with Pakistan in its fight against terrorism,” said British Foreign Secretary William Hague in a statement sent to reporters. “Malala’s bravery in standing up for the right of all young girls in Pakistan to an education is an example to us all.”

Pakistani doctors at a military hospital earlier removed a bullet from Malala’s body that entered her head and headed toward her spine. The military has described her recovery as satisfactory and said she was able to move her legs and hands several days ago when her sedatives were reduced. They have not said whether she suffered any brain damage or other permanent damage.

On Monday, the military said damaged bones in Malala’s skull will need to be repaired or replaced, and she will need “intensive neuro rehabilitation.” The decision to send the girl abroad was taken in consultation with her family, and the Pakistani government will pay for her treatment.

Pakistanis have held rallies for Malala throughout the country, but most have only numbered a few hundred people. The largest show of support by far occurred Sunday when tens of thousands of people held a demonstration in the southern party city of Karachi organized by the most powerful political party in the city, the Muttahida Quami Movement.

Late Sunday night, over 100 Taliban militants attacked a police station in the small town of Matni, 20 kilometres (12 miles) south of the main northwest city of Peshawar. The heavily armed militants killed six policemen, including two who were beheaded, said police officer Ishrat Yar.

The police engaged the militants in a gunbattle that lasted for several hours, but the insurgents escaped after burning the police station and four police vehicles, said Yar.

One of the policemen who was beheaded was a senior official who commanded several police stations in the area and was leading reinforcements against the attack, said Yar. Another 12 policemen received a gun shot wound.




Hey fellow bloggers/ friends!! Does anyone know about math studying websites??? If anyone knows let me know please!!!



“Today you are You, that is truer then true. There is no one alive that is Youer than You.” Dr.Seuss


     Hello, my name is Chloe . I’m 12 years old and I live in Ontario. I have blonde hair, blue eyes, rosy cheeks and lots of freckles.

     I have a family of four. Me, my mom; Ann-Marie, my dad Dave and my little brother Octavius. My mom is beautiful, caring, loving and appreciative. My dad is the BBQ-ing king, handsome, smart at math. My brother is cute, tries to do things I do, funny and always has a smile for me.


         My mom is my best friend. She is always there for me and teaches me to be the best I can be. My family is important to me because they care about me, they love me, appreciate me, encourages me, teaches me, and they help me.


        I love to play with my dog. Sometimes on vacation I go to my dock and throw a tennis ball to her in the water. She will jump in the water into the water and get it and swim back with it in her mouth. I think it is a lot of fun to do it with her and it’s good for older dogs to have water exercise. It makes me feel good to give her a good time while doing something good for her.


        I like to play badminton with my dad because it’s really fun. Sometimes we act silly by hitting the ball with our hands. It makes me feel happy to know that he likes spending time with me.


        Baking with my mom is something I enjoy and have being doing for many years. I think baking with my mom is really fun and skill full. It teaches me how to make different things and I get to spend time with her! It makes me feel happy to know that she likes spending time with me too.


        My family activities, hobbies and memorable events make up who I am. I hope to be a loving, caring, generous, smart, hard working person like my family when I grow up. I think that I am learning to be these things when I participate in the activities that my family does. I help to make memories when I go to events and pass along my thoughts and specialness by loving my family.


        My Quilt:


        The purple represents my Grandma because it’s the colour of royalty.

        The blue represents my brother Gus because of his eyes, they sparkle like blue diamonds.

        The yellow represents me because I brighten everyone’s day.


        The stars represent my dad because he is my knight in shining armour. He protects us.

        The fish and water represents my Grandpa. He is calm like water and moves like a fish gracefully when he does work around the cottage.



        The orange satin trim represents my mom because she is what holds us together. Also she is soft and snuggly and she is beautiful like satin.


        First of all I love my life! I’m enjoying my life so far. My life is busy but fun filled. My life is amazing. I couldn’t wish for a better one. I love my family, my pets and everything!!!

                                Chloe Pal:)






Challenge 4- Site Recomendation

Hello fellow bloggers and internet people!!! I am recomending some sites to check out!! Here they are:

1- Canadian War museum: You can check out some items they use in war and learn about the war!!

2-War Memorial,:learn about the war

3-virtual tourist: you can find a place and research it!!

They are really cool websites to go to!!!! CHALLENGE 4




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